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SecITC 2021

The 14th International Conference on Security for Information Technology and Communications –SECITC 2021 took place on November 25-26, 2021. Due to the CoVID situation and restrictions, SECITC 2021 took place online via video conference platform.

Conference Chairs

flagPeter Y A RYANUniversity of LuxembourgLUXEMBOURG
flagCristian TOMABucharest University of Economic StudiesROMANIA

Keynote Speakers

Marc JOYE, Zama & École Normale Supérieure, FRANCE

Functional Circuits: A new paradigm for fully homomorphic encryption

Mark D. RYAN, University of Birmingham, UK 

Making Privacy Violations Transparent and Accountable

Joshua GUTTMAN, MITRE Corporation &
Worcester Polytechnic
Institute (WPI), USA

Trust Engineering via Protocol Design: Understanding Attestations from Trusted Execution Environments

Program Committee – Surname alphabetical order

Elena ANDREEVA Technische Universität WienAUSTRIA
flagLudovic APVRILLEInstitut Mines-Telecom / Telecom ParisTechFRANCE
flagClaudio ARDAGNAUniversita degli Studi di MilanoITALY
flagJosep BALASCHKatholieke Universiteit LeuvenBELGIUM
flagLasse BERNTZENThe University College of Southeast Norway (USN)NORWAY
flagIon BICAMilitary Technical AcademyROMANIA
flagCatalin BOJABucharest University of Economic StudiesROMANIA
flagDieter GOLLMANNHamburg University of TechnologyGERMANY
flagJohann GROSZSCHAEDLUniversity of LuxembourgLUXEMBOURG
flagShoichi HIROSEUniversity of FukuiJAPAN
Mehmet Sabir KIRAZDe Montfort UniversityUK
flagJean-Francois LALANDECentraleSupelec RennesFRANCE
flagDiana MAIMUTAdvanced Technologies InstituteROMANIA
flagSjouke MAUWUniversity of LuxembourgLUXEMBOURG
flagStig MJOLSNESNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)NORWAY
flagSvetla NIKOVAKU Leuven, Dept. ESAT/COSIC and iMindsBELGIUM
flagRuxandra OLIMIDNTNU – Norwegian University of Science and TechnologyNORWAY
flagVictor Valeriu PATRICIUMilitary Technical AcademyROMANIA
flagMarius POPABucharest University of Economic StudiesROMANIA
flagJoachim POSEGGAUniversity of PassauGERMANY
flagPeter ROENNEUniversity of LuxembourgLUXEMBOURG
flagEmil SIMIONUniversity ‘Politehnica’ BucharestROMANIA
Riccardo SPOLAORUniversity of OxfordUK
flagPantelimon STĂNICĂNaval Postgraduate SchoolUSA
flagRainer STEINWANDTFlorida Atlantic UniversityUSA
flagFerucio Laurentiu TIPLEAAlexandru Ioan Cuza University of IasiROMANIA
flagMihai TOGANMilitary Technical AcademyROMANIA
flagQianhong WUBeihang UniversityCHINA
flagSule YILDIRIM-YAYILGANNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)NORWAY
flagAlin ZAMFIROIUBucharest University of Economic StudiesROMANIA
flagLei ZHANGEast China Normal UniversityCHINA


The conference program is available now for download.

Conference papers

Conference papers are published in Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 12596), Innovative Security Solutions for Information Technology and Communications, 13th International Conference, SecITC 2020, Bucharest, Romania, November 19–20, 2020, Revised Selected Papers

The 17 revised full papers presented together with 2 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 41 submissions.

  • Elementary Attestation of Cryptographically Useful Composite Moduli, Rémi Géraud-Stewart, David Naccache
  • Off-the-Shelf Security Testing Platform for Contactless Systems, Yuanzhen Liu, Gerhard Petrus Hancke, Umair Mujtaba Qureshi
  • A New Generalisation of the Goldwasser-Micali Cryptosystem Based on the Gap 2k-Residuosity Assumption, Diana Maimuţ, George Teşeleanu
  • New Insights on Differential and Linear Bounds Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming, Anubhab Baksi
  • Secure Card-Based Cryptographic Protocols Using Private Operations Against Malicious Players, Yoshifumi Manabe, Hibiki Ono
  • Decentralized Multi-authority Anonymous Credential System with Bundled Languages on Identifiers, Hiroaki Anada
  • A Scalable Simulation of the BB84 Protocol Involving Eavesdropping, Mihai-Zicu Mina, Emil Simion
  • Approach to Cryptography from Differential Geometry with Example, Tetsuya Nagano, Hiroaki Anada
  • On Using zk-SNARKs and zk-STARKs in Blockchain-Based Identity Management, Andreea-Elena Panait, Ruxandra F. Olimid
  • Manager Asks: Which Vulnerability Must be Eliminated First?, David Pecl, Yehor Safonov, Zdenek Martinasek, Matej Kacic, Lubomir Almer, Lukas Malina
  • An IND-CCA2 Attack Against the 1st- and 2nd-Round Versions of NTS-KEM, Tung Chou
  • Behaviour-Based Biometrics for Continuous User Authentication to Industrial Collaborative Robots, Shurook S. Almohamade, John A. Clark, James Law
  • Secure Speaker Recognition System Using Homomorphic Encryption, Mihai-Cristian Chindriş, Mihai Togan, Ştefan-Ciprian Arseni
  • Reliable RFID Offline Privacy, Cristian Hristea
  • Virtualization and Automation for Cybersecurity Training and Experimentation, Ion Bica, Roxana Larisa Unc, Ștefan Țurcanu
  • Long-Term Secure Deniable Group Key Establishment, Kashi Neupane
  • Card-Based Covert Lottery, Yuto Shinoda, Daiki Miyahara, Kazumasa Shinagawa, Takaaki Mizuki, Hideaki Sone
  • Hardware-Accelerated Cryptography for Software-Defined Networks with P4, Lukas Malina, David Smekal, Sara Ricci, Jan Hajny, Peter Cíbik, Jakub Hrabovsky
  • Security Analysis Using Subjective Attack Trees, Nasser Al-Hadhrami, Matthew Collinson, Nir Oren